President Weah: Will He Help Liberia’s Slum Dwellers

Liberia is a country with a lot of economic and political issues. Its cities are packed with people living in slums and working for less than minimum wage. This year, however, an election is taking place for a new president and hopefully, this will result in a change in Liberia’s political climate. For now, it seems that George Weah will be awarded the presidential position. But will he be able to do anything for the people of Liberia?

Flagba is one of the most crowded slum communities in the whole of Liberia. Conditions there are pretty harsh. There is neither electricity nor drinking water, and what people use as toilets are actually wooden platforms that have only thin zinc roofs to shield from weather conditions. To make it even worse, the place gets completely covered in water whenever it rains. This results in people not being able to go out of their homes until all the water clears out.

George Weah was a senator who served in Montserrado County. This is the region where you’ll find the nation’s capital, Monrovia. In 2005, he tried to run against the current president Sirleaf, but with no success. At the time, people’s main objections were that he was uneducated and politically naïve. This year, however, many believe he will manage to distinguish himself from 20 other presidential candidates and ultimately, win the election. What has changed?

Individuals who support George Weah have a lot of faith in him as a person. They believe his ability to empathize with his people will lend him the strength to overcome all obstacles. This might sound naïve, but it seems that Weah has become more experienced during the years that have gone by since his last attempt at the presidential seat. Nowadays he readily admits having been too inexperienced for such a level of responsibility back then. Although there are a lot of people who think he will fail at helping Liberia’s slum dwellers, his attitude is enough to make us give him the benefit of the doubt.