Human Rights and Politics

As stated in the Universal Declaration, which is one of the main documents dealing with this issue, human rights are universal and inalienable. In theory, this gives all human beings equal rights, including the right to live, the right to work and the right to express themselves freely. In practice, however, human rights are inextricably intertwined with politics. Let’s take a look at some of the most important aspects of this connection, which should help us see why we’re talking politics whenever we’re discussing our basic rights.

Political rights as human rights

There are countless different human rights, as well as plenty of ways in which we can categorize them. For instance, we can talk about civil, social, minority and environmental rights. But one of the most important categories of human rights in general is undoubtedly political rights. They are usually grouped together with civil rights, because they all focus on what an individual should be allowed as part of society as such. These rights include freedom of both thought and expression, freedom of assembly and association with other individuals, and freedom of participation in the government.

Political organizations as advocates for human rights

Some of the most important organizations dealing with human rights couldn’t be called political. The United Nations is one of most widely recognized. Although many of its members are politicians who are serving terms in their own countries, the organization itself goes beyond any political party. There are also countless non-governmental organizations the purpose of which is to fight for human rights. However, political organizations aren’t without their own ideologies and agendas when it comes to this issue.

The effect of political ideologies on human rights

Although we have organizations devoted exclusively to fighting for human rights, political parties still influence how people are treated as citizens. In theory, they can take away our civil and political liberties and thus violate our human rights. This is the main reason why the issue of human rights and politics will always be intertwined.