How to Be More Human in the Digital Age

People have differing views on technology and the way it affects us as human beings. But facts are facts, and one of the latest studies on modern technology has managed to show us exactly how much we depend on it. To illustrate its point with a single fact it provided – the average person takes out their smartphone over 200 times a day. What can we do to avoid losing our humanity in an increasingly digitalized age? Here are some suggestions!

  1. Make effort to connect with people face to face

Research shows that we spend a lot less time interacting with others without the help of technology. Instead of meeting each other for drinks or meals, we use phones, Skype, Facebook, Instagram and SnapChat to communicate with the people that are closest to us. But this can easily be changed – simply connect with others face to face.

  1. Work on your self-awareness

Were you surprised when you read how many times a day you check your smartphone? That’s because you’re not even aware of the changes technology has made in your everyday life. In order to avoid becoming completely dependent on it, keep better track of how and when you use it.

  1. Be critical towards social media

Social media has become a huge part of our lives. That isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but it can definitely make us less receptive to people in our everyday lives. It can also feed us false information and make us more susceptible to manipulations. Try to be more critical of what you see and read on Facebook, Instagram and similar platforms.

  1. Try to find people with differing worldviews

One of the things social media platforms can do to you is have you surrounded with only people who agree with your worldview. That’s the direct result of being part of groups of like-minded individuals and not getting any feedback from those with differing opinions. If you don’t want to become narrow-minded, reach out to and connect with people outside your interest areas.